I've said it before…I love Megan's book challenges!  So what if I never finish them.  I love participating and making my list.  This list is not set in stone, but I'm going to give it a shot!  Now that I'm over my book slump.  If you haven't participated, you totally should.

5 points: Freebie! Read any book that is at least 200 pages long.

10 points: Read a book that was written before you were born.

10 points: Finish reading a book you couldn't finish the first time around.

10 points: Read a book from the children’s section of the library or bookstore.

15 points: Read a book that is on The New York Times' Best Sellers List when you begin reading it.

15 points: Read a historical fiction book that does not take place in Europe.

15 points: Read a book another blogger has already read for the challenge.
— TBD :)  But I've really been wanting to read Cinder…so you know…if someone could work that into their challenge…that'd be great. 

20 points: Read a book with “son(s),” “daughter(s)” or “child(ren)” in the title.

20 points: Read a book that was/will be adapted to film in 2014.

25 points: Read a book written by a blogger.


25 points: Read a biography, autobiography or memoir.


30 points: Read a pair of books with antonyms in the titles.


So, what do you think?  Have you read any of these?  Which ones would you recommend I tackle first?