Last week, I shared my goals of being a blogger who writes, and I very much appreciate the feedback from that post.  I was so glad to see how many people "got" what I was trying to convey.  I will try to word this post to avoid sounding redundant.

This week, my course requires me to answer the question, "Who are you as a writer?"

Who am I as a writer? 

The irony of being a creative writing student is wrapped up in this one little question.  To already be someone that you are being trained to be.  To bring so much of myself into a craft I'm trying to sell.  Essentially, to sell myself.

I have poured over this blog post all week, trying to find the words to this impossible question.  Because it is so much different than saying, "who are you as a pilot?" or "who are you as a waitress?"  This isn't a punch-the-clock job.  It is all encompassing and there really isn't a "writer hat" that I can put on and take off.  The same goes for blogging.

But at the same time, it is more than just genre and style.

So, who am I as a writer?

Well, I hope that everything you see under this URL answers that question.  I hope that over these past three years I have conveyed exactly the same person you will see for the next three years, after publishing and becoming ridiculously famous.  I hope you know me well enough to know that that was a joke.

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that who I am as a writer is just me.  Just me, but writing books that hopefully you read and love.

In favor of answering questions articulately, I guess I could say, I will be equal parts professional and casual.  I'll be a public and slightly outspoken advocate of the benefits of reading.  I will be honest and engaging on social media vehicles like Instagram and Twitter so that you can see the person behind the veil.  I will remain in the same readership of the books that I write, always reading, loving and being slightly fanatical about the young adult genre.