Normally today being Tuesday, I would blog about what I'm "up to" today...but truth is, I'm not up to much.  Just relaxing at home with a sick baby who's currently running around diaper-less because we are in the midst of some crazy-mom potty training.  Anywho...more about that later.

What I do want to talk about is what I've been incessantly listening to lately.  This.
This album had a lot of hype to live up to for me.  It's received 9's across the board on all my most frequented music review sites.  You can check those reviews out here, here & here. FYI...9's are super rare.

It's been labeled as epic, nostalgic, and reminiscent of Pink Floyd & Smashing Pumpkins.  And since I do not have the mad music-review-writing skills that these masterminds do, I'll just agree with them and say...this album is insane.
It's the most music-y music I've ever heard.  The songs flow seamlessly into one another much like chapters of a story rather than tracks on a CD.  It's one build-up after another, and that has to be my favorite thing about it.  It's not your usual dance along or sing along's your sit back & take it in kind album.  This is write, dream, think, experience kind of music.
Make sure to listen to Track 6...a recording of children (or maybe it's only one child) talking about being magic frogs (true story) with the perfect instrumental build-up in the background.   "It's very funny to be a frog".  It's crazy good and I have no idea why.

"It's easy to mistrust something so irrepressibly optimistic about the affective possibilities of music and to attribute these feelings to the domain of some "other," whether it's the 1980s, teenhood, or a pop product. Does it share some sort of commonality with "Born This Way" or "Firework", or any other entry from 2011's chart music that attempts to convince you of your own superstardom? Surely, but Gonzalez never comes off like he's selling a brand, a lifestyle, or even himself-- his lyrics remain as opaque as ever. Hurry Up instead serves as a framework to realize the marvelous capability of our dreams and daily lives, should we be open to experiencing it."

So I told you I was no good at writing music reviews (writing about music is actually really hard) but that was my best "i-really-like-this-you should-listen-to-it" review.  And I bet it was the only post about this band that also had the term "potty training" in it. I'm a bit proud of that. 
Ok now go listen to it!