I came up with a little idea this week and it all stemmed from me taking a trip down memory lane on my blog.  I reread so many great posts that I had written so long ago.  Like many of our posts, they became swallowed up in an abyss of blog posts like dusty photos in the attic.  They float around un-read in cyber space among hundreds of Wordless Wednesdays and Sponsor Highlights.

I like the idea of digging up a few oldies but goodies every couple weeks to share with my new followers who probably weren't around when it was originally posted.

So here's the first one I want to dig up...

I wrote this post on the day Prince William married Kate Middleton.  I had been stewing it up in my head for a long time before then.  The majority of my thoughts are incoherent and disconnected, but somehow I think that was the message I was trying to convey.  Parenthood is confusing and doesn't make any sense.

So if you could dig up an old post of yours, which one would it be?  

Maybe someone else has done this, but I'm thinking we have a potential link-up in the works here.  So what do you guys think?  Would you participate in something like this?