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Today for the book chat, I wanted to turn the tables a bit.  I know you all love to read, but I'm many of you have thought about writing books yourselves?  
If you did write a book, what genre would it be?
Is there a book out there that you thought you could do better?
Have you actually finished a book, or have a handful of half-written ones?

This is a pretty relevant topic for me lately.  As many of you know, I'm a creative writing major. Still, the idea of being a professional novelist baffles me.  That's a real job? And I could make money doing it?  Just seems too good to be true, right?  I realize it is hard work, and I've never truly buckled down and put real blood, sweat and tears into my writing so I have no real idea what writing, as a profession, is like.  I'm not naive.  I know that it's not as easy as turning in an application and being hired. Honestly, I would love anything in the publishing industry. But yes, I would LOVE to write a novel of my own.  

I admit, I'm a chronic story-starter...but have never actually finished one.  Not completely.  I start to feel so overwhelmed with the enormity of my task and the world beneath my fingertips that I walk away.  Does this ever happen to you?  I get snagged up in the organization.  Instead of writing from beginning to end, I tend to jump around, and then, it becomes a daunting task of trying to make each piece line up perfectly with the others.  I've tried outlining, I've tried free styling.  I'm still waiting for the magic answer, knowing full well that it's only going to come with practice and not from a book.  I really need to get this organization stuff under control.

As for genre, surprisingly, I have no real desire to write YA.  I love YA fiction, but I see the task of writing for young women as daunting as the task of raising them.  No, thank you.  I'll leave that for some other poor soul.  And even though every story I think up has some sort of romance, I don't think I could ever write a "romance" novel.  And show my face in public?  Ha.  You know I love dystopian and post-apocolyptic stories, but my only hold up there is that I'm afraid that topic is getting exhausted.  How many different "end of the worlds" can there be?  Do they all have to involve people living in the wild?  At some point, readers are going to say "enough," right?  Even still, I love a good survivalist story.  They're fun to read, and even more fun to write.

I can't say there is a book I thought I could write better, or at least I would never name names, but there are certainly plenty of books that I wish I came up with...The Night Circus, The Shadow of the Wind, The Book Thief.  These are all writers I emulate.  Books that were more of an experience than entertainment to me.  Books that never truly left me.  Stories that were more than words on a page.  A perfect culmination of vocabulary and passion that created an entire world I could be a part of.  Characters I could truly fall in love with.  I could only dream of writing something so powerful.
But that doesn't stop me from trying.

I won't stop until I see my name on that spine.

So, I rambled a bit.  What about you?  We've heard from your reading sides, what about your writing sides?  Let's hear it, book chatters.


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