The River of No Return
by Bee Ridgway

Published by Dutton Adult
Release date: April 23, 2012
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The River of No Return is a complex story set in two different time periods with a cacophony of characters.  It all starts when a soldier, Nick, finds himself thrust forward in time two hundred years and part of a time-traveling alliance who recruit him to return to 1815 the world.  There, his path crosses with gentle and naive Julia, who knows more than Nick is willing to believe.

The River of No Return is what I lovingly refer to as a "settle in" novel, meaning, it's a bit epic.  It's not instant gratification, but it is rewarding.  It's a love story weaved into a time travel tale wrapped in an adventure blockbuster and draped in historical fiction.  You can't expect or try to tackle this puppy in one night, but it can be good friend to return to on dark and stormy nights.

What I loved about The River of No Return

Before you pass this up as a gift for grandma, you would be surprised to's sexy.  The kissing. Oh the kissing.  Turns out Julia's not so sweet and naive after all.

There was nothing predictable about this novel.  The twists and turns in this long and winding road had my head spinning, but not in a "jump the shark" kind of way.

If I endeavor to read a book of this size, I have to trust the author.  I have to know that she is at least twelve times smarter than me, or I don't buy one penny's worth.  This was such a smart novel.  Not just in her historical references, but in the thick plot diversions and complex workings of the Guild.

All in all...

It's a great book.  It's a great winter read, I think.  Something to sit by the fire with, wrapped in a Snuggie.

If you like historical fiction or time travel or romance or action, then you would love this little gem.