Remember when eReaders first came out?  Was I the only one who thought they would never catch on?  I really thought they were just another gimmicky electronic device that we didn't need.  I held out for a long time before getting my Kindle, but now I don't know how I went so long without it.

I love my Kindle.  And here's why.

If I absolutely need a book (it happens), I always know without a doubt, that I can get it.  Recently I finished a book and wanted to read the sequel.  The library didn't have it.  The PX didn't have it.  What was I supposed to do?  Wait a week for it?   Psh.  No, within seconds, I had it.

Would I have preferred a physical copy to adorn my shelf?  Sure, but the point is that I have it and reading it.

I also love my Kindle because that is how I read all of my ARC's.  What a Godsend eBooks have been to publishing, in the case of getting reviews.  Instead of sending physical books out, which costs money, they can get each book into thousands of hands, instantly.  I love it.

So, as much as I love the feel of weighty paper in my hands, I can't lie that I love my Kindle.  I've even named her Jane, because I'm a dork and I name my electronics.  (My computer is Prudence and my phone is Roxy.  I'm a grown-up.)

I do have my qualms with eBooks on occasion.  First, why are they so expensive?  Perhaps you've been reading along with the Amazon, publishers, Apple battle going on.  Basically, Amazon has been fighting for the right to price eBooks as $9.99 but publishers don't like that so they've been going to Apple, but Apple's iBookstore sucks and Amazon got pissed and took away certain publishers "Buy" button from their page (which I thought was funny) and the Publishers freaked out and went back to Amazon and then Amazon caved (boo).  It's a long, ridiculous, drawn-out battle but I can see how the value of books is suffering because of the digital transition.  I'll admit, if it's over $10, I'm not buying.

So, where do you stand on the issue?  E-books v. Print books.  Share your thoughts.

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