For those of you who are not aware, tomorrow (Dec 4) is the #PitMad (Pitch Madness) event on Twitter.  In short, it's why your Twitter will be acting a little funny tomorrow.

Why is everyone posting book synopses? 

I've only recently discovered this event.  You learn something new everyday in this business, I swear. 

So, how it works is: authors with polished manuscripts and shiny query letters pitch their project in 140 characters or less, in hopes that an agent or publisher will "Like" it.  And if they do, it's an invitation to submit a query and get that baby out of the slush. 

You can tweet your pitch twice an hour, and you can't tweet the same thing over and over or Twitter will think you're a internet-hacking robot and kick you out.

I like to think of it as an opportunity for an opportunity (for an opportunity, and so on).  Apparently, quite a few people have landed agents going this route.

I have my tweets planned, for the most part.  My query letter is practically sparkling.  The Manuscript is a veritable Beta Reader whore.  I'm ready for liking of my tweets.

(this blog post is going in a strange direction, let's get back on track.)

Anywho, if you are interested in participating in this event, assuming you are at this phase of your project, I've found a ton of helpful info here at Diana Urban's blog (one of the #PitMad hosts). 

I'm excited to do something other than send out query letters.  It can get stuffy here in this office sending out "please love me" letters all day.  I'm sure the agents and publishers feel the same way.

Let's party, Twitter.

Are you participating in #PitMad?  Have you had success with this before?  Do share.