There is something about January.  It's the first month of the new year, when resolutions are made and goals are lofty.  It's also the time to recover from the holidays.  Everything you put on the back burner is calling your name.  The weather generally keeps us indoors, or at the gym as resolutions go, and the kids are back in school.  January can be overwhelming, but also exciting.  So much possibility in January.

For many of us writers, January is also revision month.  For me, I let my NaNoWriMo project collect a little dust over December.  The first draft is complete, but I let mind forget about it for a little while  before I tackle revisions.  It gives me the opportunity to read it with fresh eyes.  Surely, you've heard this by now.

Are you revising your NaNo project this month?  

Many of us also took a holiday break from Query letter sending. As much as I love tossing that bait out in the pond, or sea, it was a nice break.  Again, fresh eyes are beneficial here.

And then, there's blogging.  My poor, dusty blog.  I'm not quite sure what you even are anymore.  This space has gone through so many coats of paint.  My goal this month is to make some sense out of this domain.

Is there anything about the writing process you want to hear about?  Query letters? Revisions? The project itself?  

Perhaps I should also mention that I have another blog. I started a family travel blog as a little side project.  It's not intended to become a priority over this one, but I figured with as much traveling as we do here, it's a good idea to use that experience to good use.  Share everything we've learned with the world.


So, on a personal level, life is good.  I'll be teaching yoga again soon, which is important.  I had to take a break from volunteering because it was just taking too much of my resources (read: money).  We have some travel plans for Ireland in the spring which I'm just obsessed with right now.  Our time here has flown by and we're down to a year left which means a race to see everything we can and returning to the states at the end with more memories than money.  

Well, this post was a bunch of nonsense.  Thanks for letting me air that out.

Tell me.  What is January like for you?