I've always used Pinterest to collect images, quotes and dream casts for my writing.  It's about time I start sharing them.  So, here you go.  Some writer-ly (p)inspiration…

The Inspiration board for The Hereafter:
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The Hereafter is all cozy and ethereal.  There is a lot outdoors, in beautiful and haunting landscapes.  I see a lot of foggy, dreamy, flannel, woodsy settings.  Something perfect to curl up with when it's dreary outside.

The Inspiration board for The Fiddler (work-in-progress):
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The Chronicles of Bohemia series is Steampunk meets gypsies and street performers.  It's set in a alternate/futuristic Prague.  There are magicians, fortune-tellers, living statues, artists, evil clock makers and charming fiddle players.  I love finding that sweet spot between mechanical and magical.  And MUSIC.  So much music.

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