Well, first I have to say sorry.  It's clearly obvious that I'm still a little rusty with the whole blogging thing.  I've messed up both book chats since it returned. It would seem that I set up the wrong link tool in last week's post.  Yikes.  If you wrote a post last week that you would like to share, you can still add it.  I've been in Ireland all week and well, maybe my brain is still there.
Then forgot to schedule todays.  Sheesh.  Bear with me. I'll get my stuff together.  Promise.

So.  I'm excited about today's topic.  Self-publishing has been something on my mind a lot this past year.  Not only have I read a bunch of excellent self-published titles, I've even considered self-publishing myself.  Which is why I chose the topic for today:

What are some of your favorite self-published books?  Do you ever read self-pub, why or why not?

I think it's very important to support indie authors (and artists for that matter).  They do the same amount of work as a traditionally published author, and sometimes more.  The publishing path is a choice and doesn't mean the work is any better or worse.

Indie authors are brave, tough, hard-working and passionate.

Just think about it, for the most part, they're going it alone.  If you self-publish, you are the author and publisher, and most times editor, cover designer, and marketer.  It is a no-nonsense business and self-publishers don't ask for permission.  They have a story to tell and they don't wait for someone to open the door for them.  They kick that sucker down.

I've spoken a bit recently about my favorite self-published books.  Last week, I shared the cover reveal for one of my favorite authors (period), Keary Taylor.  Then, on our first book chat return, I shared the indie series I was reading by Amanda Richardson.  I've reviewed quite a few other indie titles.  Like this.  And this.

Most of these, I found from doing reviews for Netgalley.  Others are friends of mine.  So, maybe you're wondering...how do I even find good self-published titles?  Well, here are some ideas:
Alt Lit Library
Friends, Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth!

So, now I want to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on indie authors?  Do you read self-published books or have you considered it for your own publishing option?  I can't wait to hear from you!

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Next week's topic: Next week is my birthday!  And for my birthday, I want a really good book recommendation.  Tell me what to read!